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Wrought Iron Window Boxes

Our Wrought Iron Window Boxes and Iron Flower Boxes can be displayed with a white liner or a series of your favorite 8" pots. Hooks and Lattice now has the ability to manufacture custom size metal window box cages and a custom size liner to meet your exact window box requirements.

Made of welded wrought iron these iron flower boxes are powder coated in a textured black paint to resist rust. Watch out for fake imitations of metal window box cages that are cheaply made using bolted together tubular iron that are not finished with a powder coated finish.

Our Wrought Iron Window Boxes are available in any custom lengths. Integrated mounting straps and holes drilled along the back rail make for a simple installation to any flat surface.

Metal Liners now Available Featuring Real Copper

European Window Box Cage
European Cage with Liner
Arch Window Box Cage
8 Sizes | 2 Cage Colors
Arch Cage with Liner
8 Sizes | 2 Cage Colors | Multiple Liners
Falling Water Window Box Cages
Falling Water Cages with Liners
Simple Elegance Window Box Cages
Simple Elegance Cages with Liners
Garden Gate Window Box Cages
Garden Gate Cages with Liners
Lattice Window Box Cages
Lattice Cages With Liners
Contemporary Window Box Cages
Contemporary Cages with Liners
French Window Box Cages
French Cages with Liners
Enchanted Garden Window Box Cages
Enchanted Garden Window Box Cage With Liner
Scroll Window Box Cages
Scroll Window Box Cage With Liner
Heatherbrook European Window Box Cage
Heatherbrook Cage with Liner
San Marino Window Box Cages
8 Sizes | 2 Cage Colors
San Marino Cages with Liners
8 Sizes | 2 Cage Colors | Multiple Liners
Scroll Window Box Cage with Redwood Liner
Universal Scroll Flower Box Holder - 9 1/2" Pair
Rustic & Antique Window Boxes / Wall Planters
Scroll Shelf Bracket Pair - 8 1/4" - (Pair)
French Shelf Bracket  8 1/4" Shelf - (Pair)
2" x 4" Deck Rail Bracket | Use w/ Cages & Decora Window Boxes - (Pair)
2" x 6" Deck Rail Brackets | Use w/ Cages & Decora Window Boxes (Pair)

FAQ: What's the difference between a Window Box Cage and Window Box Planter? 

Answer: Window Box Planters have the design on all four sides and can be mounted to a flat surface such as a home, fence or wall or mounted on top of a wall where all four sides will be seen.  Window Box Cages are designed to be mounted to any flat surface, therefore there is no design on the mounting side.  Also, Window Box Cages are design to hold our white liners and Window Box Planters are not.   Click here to view or French and Lattice Window Box Planters.