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8"W x 8"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners

Choosing window box liners made from composite PVC is a smart election of durable, attractive planter liners with supreme longevity. The 1/2" thick flower box liners featured here come in various lengths and are built to suit any container that can hold a 8"W x 8"H lining. In addition to use as planter liners, these rectangular boxes can also be applied as cellular PVC container gardens on their own.

Each of our cellular PVC flower box liners features a clean silhouette and a durable material makeup. Known for resilience in exterior applications, cellular PVC window box liners give a superior performance that lasts over a multitude of seasons. Durable enough to stay outside year-round, and lightweight enough to move and store for winter seasons, these flower box liners are a model of versatility and style. Order online via Hooks & Lattice and planter liners will be shipped with care directly to your doorstep. Gardeners and their plants will love them! This particular size works well with our wrought iron window box cages.

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24"L x 8"W x 8"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners
30"L x 8"W x 8"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners
36"L x 8"W x 8"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners
42"L x 8"W x 8"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners
48"L x 8"W x 8"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners
54"L x 8"W x 8"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners
60"L x 8"W x 8"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners
72"L x 8"W x 8"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners
These planter liners made from cellular PVC are so well constructed that they can stand alone or be utilized as durable window box liners, particularly as an insert for the Hooks & Lattice wrought iron cage planters. Front-door quality planters in their own right, each of the window box liners featured above can be applied to wide and low front porch walls or along thick ledges and steps. Containers are sold in the white finish pictured but can easily be painted with any acrylic or latex paint to match your individual color preference.

These versatile window box liners are crafted from quality PVC and built to last for many years. Adding planter liners is suggested when utilizing metal or wood window boxes that may be susceptible to problems like staining from salt, rotting or cracking. Cellular PVC flower box liners are impermeable to moisture and eliminate the risk for stains and molding. The material also keeps plants cooler by adding a layer of protection inside a wood or metal planting container.

Each of the planter liners pictured above measure 1/2" thick and 8"W x 8"H. Length measurements vary and include 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60" and 72" sizes. This gives our customers window box liners to suit most any container, whether purchased from Hooks & Lattice or elsewhere. Simply choose the size suited to your project, place a secure online order, and flower box liners will arrive at your doorstep.

Any imaginable container garden arrangement can be planted using PVC planter liners. Favorite flowers like marigolds, pansies, tulips and daisies all love planter liners made from composite plastic. Fill with combinations of brilliant flowering plants and vines, green grasses and filler plants to add vibrant dimension. Gardeners will also find that the ability to leave these flower box liners outside year-round appeals to their sense of efficiency. Depending on the region in which containers will be utilized, cellular PVC can weather continuous exterior use or can be stored during off-season periods. The material is durable, yet lightweight so moving for storage or re-potting is a cinch.