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12in. Wide - Architectural Collection Single Panel Louvered Shutters w/ Horns (Pair)

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12"W x H
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These shutters are made to order, and are not returnable.

Buy these fiberglass single panel louvered shutters from our online collection and rest assured that you're getting a product that is both uniquely gorgeous and extremely durable. These long-lasting shutters are made from a fiberglass composite material that is ideal for outdoor conditions. You get all the attractive look of real wood without any of the maintenance-heavy hassle. Fiberglass shutters beat all other exterior shutter types because:

  • They won't expand and warp in wet or humid weather.
  • They won't rot, allowing you years of use.
  • They aren't susceptible to insect damage or mold.
  • They retain paint well.
  • They won't crack, crumble, or splinter.

  • When you want panel shutters exterior or interior in function, our attractive shutters can meet all your needs. Whether you use them on your façade or decorating the interior for your home, these shutters make a bold statement. They feature a louvered design with a heavy-duty outer fiberglass frame. If you choose to use these shutters for functional purposes, the louvers allow light and air to pass through while blocking out the elements and allowing for privacy.

    Each shutter pair comes with direct mount hardware. Choose your paint color and shutter height and checkout in a couple of easy steps.

  • 12"W x H
    Thickness: 1.25"
    Top Rail: 4"(rail widths may vary slightly due to louver/slat positioning)
    Bottom Rail: 4"(rail widths may vary slightly due to louver/slat positioning)
    Horn dimensions: 2.25"W x 1/2"H
    Louver width: 1 11/16" x 5/16" thick

    Composite Wood & Composite Fiberglass Shutter Color Options
    40 Colors Available

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    Download How to Measure for Exterior Shutters Guide

    In our online How-To / DIY exterior shutter guides we show you how to measure for decorative shutters, also known as "fixed"or "direct mount"shutters, as well as operable or functional exterior shutter pairs. Installation is a snap with our guides relating to Projected, Recessed or Flush window shutter installations. There you will find diagrams and the proper way to calculate the right dimensions for your order.

    Upgrade your current shutters to premium exterior shutter from Hooks and Lattice for a boost of curb appeal delivered right to your door.

    Click on Image to view the full Measure for Exterior Shutters Guide Here

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    What Are Shutter Horns?

    Look to the bottom styles of each shutter panel - see how they're extended ever so slightly past the bottom rail? Shutter horns, also called "shutter tails" or "shutter feet" were both a style statement and served a purpose. The elongated stiles were used to add architectural interest and make it easier to affix shutters in the open position.

    With the improvement of shutter hardware manufacturing methods, the functional need for horned shutters has dwindled over time; however they remain design details for aesthetics, and are often requested for use as historically correct shutters and for retrofitting projects.

    The history of shutter horns dates back to colonial times in New England, which is why they are also referred to as "Boston shutters". We can make exterior shutters with horns in any size and color desired, but this design detail is reserved for Louvered style of fiberglass composite shutters only.

    Need historically correct shutters, or working on a Colonia revitalization project? Give us a call or send us an email» explaining what you are looking for and a project manager will contact you with an estimate.