15in. Wide - Architectural Collection Combination Shutters w/ Extra Rail (Pair)

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Architectural Louver Shutter features:

  • Constructed from pultruded structural fiberglass
  • Shutter thickness is 1.25", louver angle is 25 degrees
  • Real Louvers are 1.5" Wide (able to see through to back)
  • Operational Hardware sold separately
  • Limited Lifetime warranty, made in the USA
  • Call us at 800-896-0978 for a quote for almost any size window

Introducing the true Van Gogh of exterior decorative shutters! These fiberglass movable louver shutters are truly a work of art- one that you can hang right on your exterior walls. If you thought outdoor shutters were only for functional value, think again. These stunning shutters give your façade an elegant decorative look- and they're functional too.

Each decorative shutter pair features a three-tier design: two louvered top sections separated by an extra rail, over a raised lower panel. These shutters are anything but the same old, same old. You can use them indoors or outdoors to dress up boring windows, doorways, and blank walls. Customize to meet your own unique design scheme with a number of standard paint choices. We offer a variety of natural subdued colors as well as bright jewel tones.

As functional shutters, these durable fiberglass shutters add the extra benefit of louvered panels. The movable louvers allow air to flow through your shutters while keeping the bright sun out. They also afford you extra privacy. Each shutter pair comes with direct mount hardware; however you can find all the hardware you need to make these shutters functional in our online shop.

Available in heights form 30" to 89."

More Information
Length 15"
Height 30", 31", 32", 33", 34", 35", 36", 37", 38", 39", 40", 41", 42", 43", 44", 45", 46", 47", 48", 49", 50", 51", 52", 53", 54", 55", 56", 57", 58", 59", 60", 61", 62", 63", 64", 65", 66", 67", 68", 69", 70", 71", 72", 73", 74", 75", 76", 77", 78", 79", 80"
Style Combination
Material Fiberglass
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