Coconut Coir Liners

Coconut Coir Liners

Want a natural planter liner that is weather-resilient and promotes healthy plant growth? Our Coco Liners for window boxes and planters are made from the outer husk and also the meat portion of real coconuts, for an environmentally friendly planter liner that keeps soil aerated with its naturally fibrous texture. Use these rustic-looking liners in your window boxes, hanging planters, and pots—with the variety of liner sizes we offer, you will find one for any gardening need!


Choose from a variety of liner sizes, including custom. We also offer coco liner rolls so that you can cut the exact size and shape liner you need.

Features & Benefits

  • Made from all-natural materials
  • Fibrous material keeps soil aerated
  • Promotes healthy plant growth
  • Bird- and environment-friendly


  • Several sizes and roll lengths available
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Because Natural Beauty is Always in Style

Set our heavy duty coconut liners to work in your landscape. A more robust alternative to moss, coco coir liners are every bit equal in terms of natural beauty. Apply them in containers on your patio, porch and deck, and even line flower boxes along a gazebo or terrace. Use these durable liners for window boxes, hanging basket planters, yard planters and more. Gardeners love their easy beauty and flowers love how breathable the material is, allowing for a healthy flow of oxygen to roots.

These eco-chic planter liners begin from - where else - a coconut. Using the water-retaining fiber found just inside a coconut's outer husk - known as coir - durable inserts are created in fibrous mat form. Hooks and Lattice offers pre-molded liners for standard and XL hayrack troughs and hanging planters. Additionally, our customers can choose flat rolls of coconut coir to create their own custom inserts.

pH Balanced Liners that Retain Water

Using coconut coir is an attractive and easy way to container garden. Choose it as an alternative to moss-lined troughs and flower cages for less mess and more durability. Due to their sturdy nature, coconut material has increased longevity when compared with moss. Also, each coir mat is constructed using an ecological tree sap adhesive for a natural look and increased stability. Simply insert liners, fill with your favorite potting soil, and watch container gardens thrive throughout your landscape. The coco fiber helps the soil retain water, is pH balanced - and, because there is no off-gassing to worry about, it's ideal for growing an organic garden right outside your window!

Pre-molded and U-Cut Liner Rolls

Pre-formed liners come in various shapes and sizes, including those fitted to Hooks and Lattice window boxes and hanging baskets. Flat rolls are also sold and can be formed to fit most any custom planting container. Coconut coir is easy to cut using a utility knife or other heavy duty garden cutter that will pierce thick matting. In cold weather climates the removal and storage of liners is simple, and these liner inserts are a long lasting option in climates where container gardens are displayed year round. As you will see from our pricing, replacing worn or damaged liners is also affordable and easy.

For more information on moss, coco, metal or fiberglass inserts for window boxes and planters from Hooks and Lattice, or container gardens already at your home, please call toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.