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Pasadena Redwood Windowbox Planters

The Pasadena Redwood Planters make for the perfect window box or even just to set on your ledge or patio. Redwood window boxes make ideal containers for organic gardening. Whether used as an herb garden planter outside your kitchen window for fresh cooking or to fill with colorful flowers to enhance curb appeal, these redwood window boxes are the ideal natural planter solution for any gardener. Pasadena Redwood Windowbox Planters:

  • Are Made in USA
  • Shipped natural, unfinished; paintable
  • Use as a window box (buy brackets») or standalone planter

Wooden planter boxes make an earthy, rustic choice as attractive containers for plants and are made to last. Whether used as wooden herb planters or for vibrant floral arrangements, the Pasadena Redwood wooden planter boxes are hand assembled by an experienced, third generation craftsman. Responsibly harvested and constructed with high quality California Redwood, the lumber is architecturally graded as "clear". This means each box is essentially free of flaws. The wood is also kiln dried to ensure it can withstand weather extremes from harsh winter winds to the blazing sun. Brackets for this box are not included and sold elsewhere on our site.

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24" Pasadena Redwood Windowbox Planter
30in. Pasadena Redwood Windowbox Planter
36in. Pasadena Redwood Windowbox Planter
48in. Pasadena Redwood Windowbox Planter
60in. Pasadena Redwood Windowbox Planter
72in. Pasadena Redwood Windowbox Planter

Redwood Window Box Planters, Pasadena Style

Redwood planters make exceptional "homes" for all manner of flowers and herbs. As containers for organic gardening they are ideal since the wood can be left untreated, thereby avoiding any chemical contamination of the soil and seedlings. Constructed from Western harvested lumber, our redwood window boxes are free of flaws, making them excellent for staining that can showcase their natural grain. As wooden planter boxes, they beautify their surroundings too, boosting curb appeal for many different exterior decors.

Available in a number of sizes, ranging from 24" wide in variable lengths and depths to 72" with also variable lengths and depths. Each of these cedar containers for plants make the perfect grow box for decorative accents that add not just curb appeal but also make useful containers for those looking for wooden herb planters. No matter what you decide to plant in your Pasadena Redwood Window Box Planters, you can be sure they will look beautiful and last for years, given their rot resistant and insect resistant properties.

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With Redwood Planters, Plants Thrive

Redwood planters remain an effective natural wood planter box for small space gardening. Plant a wide variety of flowers, small vegetables such as onions or radishes, and many different kinds of herbs and watch them thrive. To grow them organically, the planter box should not be treated with stain or paint since it can affect the growth and quality of your container garden. And with the Pasadena Redwood Planter, you can get a head start on spring planting. Simply plant seedlings or starter plants in the liner indoors until the weather is warm enough and the seedlings are strong enough to transport the liner outside to your redwood box.

Finally, if planting flowers or other foliage and you'd like to finish your redwood planter with a lovely stain, since these are stain grade boxes, their wood grain quality will show through beautifully once completed. To mount to walls or railings, select shelf brackets to accommodate the size of planter you have purchased. You may also choose to set your planter on the patio or mount on deck railings. Please see our flower box hardware section elsewhere on this website for further details.