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Laguna Self-Watering Fiberglass Window Box Planters

Self-Watering Window Boxes keep flowers and foliage thriving, reducing a need for your constant attention. In fact, they can provide up to two weeks of hydration, depending on plant type and weather. Perfect for individuals with busy lives and for those who travel frequently, the Laguna Self-Watering Fiberglass Window Box Planters are also ideal for container gardening. Herbs, small vegetables and other edibles receive water when they need it through plant root system's capillary action.

These lovely window box planters come with drainage holes, stainless steel wall mounting brackets and a water reservoir to keep plants thriving. Reservoir systems are made with high-quality plastic that includes a PVC fill tube for convenient refilling. The Laguna self-watering planters are not only practical; they also make beautiful additions to your homes curb appeal too. Fill Laguna flower planters with a colorful array of vibrant blossoms, lush foliage, vining plants or small grasses and add some beauty to your home's exterior. When it comes to easy window box ideas, these are as low maintenance and durable as it gets!

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24in. Laguna Self-Watering Fiberglass Window Box
30in. Laguna Self-Watering Fiberglass Window Box
36in. Laguna Self-Watering Fiberglass Window Box
42in. Laguna Self-Watering Fiberglass Window Box
48in. Laguna Self-Watering Fiberglass Window Box
54in, Laguna Self-Watering Fiberglass Window Box
60in. Laguna Self-Watering Fiberglass Window Box
72in. Laguna Self-Watering Fiberglass Window Box

Lovely Laguna Self-Watering Window Box Planters

With the lovely Laguna Self-Watering Fiberglass Window Boxes you can keep blooms and blossoms looking vibrant and alive easily and conveniently. Boosting curb appeal is now attainable even for people with busy lives or who travel a lot. These window box planters offer both an aesthetic appeal to your home's front exterior; they also keep plants robust with self-watering action. Each fiberglass flower box comes with 2 stainless steel mounting brackets for easy installation. What's more, their tapered reservoirs well can hold 1+ gallons of water (depends on window box length) which keeps plants hydrated for several weeks, depending on temperatures and plant species.

Container Gardening Made Easy

If you like to have fresh herbs available right outside your kitchen window, these Laguna self-watering planters are the perfect solution. In fact, container gardening becomes a snap with these automatically hydrating systems. Depending on planter size, additional window box ideas that some home gardeners may be interested in include planting the Laguna with small vegetables such as radishes, baby carrots, small onions and the like. What's more, these fiberglass planter boxes can also be set on the ground and staked with tomato plants along decks and patios for handy vegetable gardening projects. With their large reservoir tanks, fresh vegetables can be available conveniently and nearly effortlessly with the Laguna flower planters.

Fiberglass Planters: As Durable as They Are Beautiful

Available in 4 color choices (and custom color options also available to complement your home's exterior,) the Laguna window box planters provide years of wear and beauty, looking as attractive as the first day they were installed. Fiberglass planters won't rot, warp, crack, chip or peel. This durability ensures you can have years of container gardening service. Plus, the superior quality plastic reservoir system additionally stands the test of time, complete with its 10 inch fill tube for convenient water replenishment. It's no wonder customers turn to Hooks and Lattice again and again for all their gardening and curb appeal needs. Contact us to request more information or a custom window box quote.