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Medallion Decora Window Boxes

The Medallion style metal window box cage features two diagonal cross bars joined at the center by a decorative emblem. And like all window planter boxes from our Decora collection, it combines striking wrought iron flower boxes with assorted liner options in materials like cellular PVC, real copper and galvanized metals.

Each of the wrought iron flower boxes featured here is a great option for window frames, railings or fences. Depending on project desires, different sizes are available and options are viewable by clicking on window planter boxes in the category below.

Our most affordable Medallion Decora Window Boxes feature a white plastic PVC liner. However, metal window box liners are also available in galvanized materials with various finishes, or real copper. Regardless of liner choice, each container features the appropriate drainage holes and the wrought iron cage is fitted with a pre-drilled integrated bracket for easy mounting. Screws are not included, but are available for separate purchase.

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Wrought iron flower boxes are the epitome of charming, and even more so when accompanied by lovely liners. The Decora collection of metal window box cages and liner choices capitalizes on this appeal, including these Medallion style window planter boxes. Displaying an engaging emblem front and center, this stylish metal window box makes a brilliant addition beneath panes, along railings, or over fences.

Like the other window planter boxes in the Decora collection, the Medallion combines interesting visual elements with functional design. This particular style features a metal window box cage with diagonally crossing flat bar iron at its front, joined under a decorative round medallion. To fit inside the cage, customers will have their choice of different liner options including standard white plastic PVC, galvanized metal window box liners in white or bronze, and real copper liners.

Whatever combination suits your landscape and architecture, the Medallion Decora Window Boxes come in various sizes. Depending on the length of the wrought iron flower boxes, more or less crossbars are featured. For example, the 24"", 30" and 36" sizes feature only one crossbar, whereas longer 48", 60" and 72" sizes have two or three total crossbars with accompanying medallion detail. Plastic and metal window box liners are built to match whatever length of container is desired.

The Medallion Decora Metal Window Box makes a beautiful addition to a range of different homes. On top of its lovely appearance, it is also a durable outdoor planter that will last for multiple seasons while requiring little-to-no maintenance. Depending on the liner choice, some of our metal window box liners will also naturally patina over time for an interesting evolution of personality. Fill with your favorite flowers, vines, grasses and herbs and grow a healthy dose of greenery to liven any home exterior.

For mounting, window planter boxes in the Medallion Decora style are given pre-drilled integrated brackets. Mounting hardware and screws are not included with purchase, but are available to buy online at Hooks & Lattice. As each project is different, we have found this system to be most effective and cost efficient for our customers.

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