30" Window Boxes

30" Window Boxes

Many windows are approximately thirty inches wide, so our 30" window boxes are quite popular. You may also find this size convenient and attractive for deck railings and fences. If you're looking for a 30 inch window box, scroll through our wide selection below.

Hooks & Lattice manufactures a dazzling array of 30" flower boxes, from the simple Urban Chic to the ornate Mariposa Hayrack. Choose from warm redwood, rot-proof composite, classic wrought iron, inexpensive plastic, and more. Whatever your home looks like, there's a window planter to suit your style.

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  1. Arch Decora Window Boxes
    Arch Decora Window Boxes
    Starting at $95.85
  2. European Window Box Cage - Choose from 8 sizes
  3. English Garden Window Boxes w/ Liner
  4. Arch Window Box Cage-Choose 8 Sizes
  5. XL Standard Hayrack Window Boxes
  6. European Cage with Liner
    European Cage with Liner

    Starting at $199.85

  7. Real Copper Window Boxes/Decora Liners
  8. Medallion Decora Window Boxes With Metal Liners
  9. Wayfarer Window Box Cages- Choose 7 Sizes
  10. Heatherbrook Window Box Cage - Choose 8 Sizes
  11. French Window Box Cages
    French Window Box Cages

    Starting at $119.85

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Shop Window Boxes By Size For The Perfect Creative Fit

Not all window boxes are created equal. At Hooks & Lattice we pride ourselves in manufacturing the highest quality window boxes for sale online in specific sizes. Shop by exact sizes or speak with our design specialists for a custom fit. The materials we use on all of our flower boxes are second to none besides. Whether it's fabulous fiberglass, powder coated wrought iron, or PVC composite material, all are designed to resist harsh weather conditions and stand up over time. Our window box planters can be made-to-order to fit standard window sizes or unusually long or short window cases. This flexible manufacturing capability is particularly advantageous if you are looking for balcony railing planters of an unusual size or dimension.

Shopping by size can be easily accomplished in numerous design categories too, from the Medallion Decora to the Simple Elegance Window Box Cage to the Black Supreme Fiberglass Window Box planters and more. We also carry XL size window flower boxes. Check out the XL Standard Window Box with Coir Liners and the XL Hampton Premier Window Box with "Easy Up" cleat mounting system for deeper planting space. And if you need a 48" window basket that works on walls and railings, we recommend browsing our ever-popular Decora Series» of window box planters for the perfect fit.

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Advantages of Diverse Materials

The range of window box planters is great at Hooks & Lattice. We offer so many different styles and designs to satisfy a wide range of shoppers. But we also provide a variety of materials for the same reason, and then some. For example, by constructing some of our planters from fiberglass, we are able to create different shapes and sizes weighing far less than some of the products they mimic. Fiberglass can look like distressed wood, for example, yet offers untold durability and at a fraction of the weight. Plus, it won't rot or warp like real wood.

Keeping things lean and lightweight is also true of some of the finishes and textures we create as well. By offering a bronze, coppertone, or metallic finish, your fiberglass or PVC composite planter can look like the real thing without the weight or expense. For these and any of our powder coated wrought iron window boxes ordered by size, we sell liners in an infinite number of colors. You can even change liners from season to season to create a distinctive and seasonal look.

For questions and customization options on any of our planters, please contact our design specialists today.