Self Watering Window Boxes

Self Watering Window Boxes

Maintaining window box planters has never been easier! The because self watering window boxes are easy to hang, incredibly beautiful, and act as a complete container irrigation system. Reduce the care needed to ensures that plants are not over-watered while simplifying the maintenance process. Water is released to the soil as the roots "crave it" and fertilizer is not washed out of the soil. Choose the perfect self watering window box for your garden.

Self watering window boxes are an upgrade from standard flower boxes as they are fitted with reservoirs spaced appropriately to handle the ongoing "thirst" of your plants root balls. Taken to the next level the self watering window box planter packages only needs to be filled every 2-3 weeks. This makes Hooks and Lattice self watering window boxes a perfect choice for businesses, restaurants, hotels, resorts and anyone with a window in a hard to reach location.

Turn any window box into a self-watering one by adding an irrigating reservoir!

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  1. Presidential Window Boxes - White
  2. Parada Window Boxes - White
    Parada Window Boxes - White

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  3. Presidential Window Boxes - Espresso
  4. Presidential Window Boxes - Black
  5. Provincial Vinyl Window Box -7 sizes
  6. Parada Window Boxes - Espresso
  7. Presidential Window Boxes - Green
  8. Presidential Window Boxes - Red
  9. Parada Window Boxes - Black
    Parada Window Boxes - Black

    Starting at $119.99

  10. Presidential Window Boxes - Clay
  11. The Promenade Vinyl Window Box
  12. Solera Self Watering Window Box Planters
  13. Laguna Self Watering Window Box Planters
  14. Newport Self Watering Window Box Planters
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Self-Watering Window Box Planters

Self-Watering Window Box Planters are designed not only to boost curb appeal but to be practical as well. We carry over a dozen styles and designs made with diverse materials, all of which are manufactured to last throughout the seasons. From fiberglass to vinyl window boxes, from a deck rail planter box to a resin or composite planter with self-watering capability--no matter what you're looking for, we can provide it. With outdoor self-watering planters, you leave some of the work to the planter reservoir, too, perfect for individuals with busy lives or who travel a lot. Self-watering window boxes take the guesswork out of over-watering as well. How? Just fill the reservoir with up to a gallon of water and the plant root systems drink when hydration is required, preventing root rot. Hydration lasts for 2-3 weeks approximately, based on plant type and weather conditions.

Diverse Window Planter Boxes to Choose From

As mentioned above, we carry more than a dozen self-watering flower boxes from which to select. Some of our most popular styles include the Laguna, La Fleur, the Newport, Solera, and the Urban Chic Window Planter Boxes. For a casual look, we also carry the Cottage Weave Deck Rail Planter box. And in the petite category, we have the Windowsill Self-Watering Planter. All planters are protected with a UV-resistant finish and several colors are available. Plant small edible flowers or herbs in the Windowsill planter and keep them close at hand for cooking. Larger self-watering planter boxes are also available in multiple colors, from 4 color options for the Laguna planter to multiple colors for the La Fleur and Presidential planters. Several styles come in white only but can be custom colored to match your exterior decor.

No Rot Self Watering Planter Materials Available:

  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass
  • PVC Composite

Check out our other window box planters offered in the above list of materials plus cedar, pine, copper, galvanized steel, wrought iron and more. Any window box can be converted to a self-watering planter! Simply choose your box, then find a reservoir insert that fits. Rectangular 21.5"" and 33.5"" lengths are usually suited to most box sizes.

Self-Watering Planter Advantages

Reservoir planters provide needed hydration as plants become thirsty, as mentioned above. This not only saves you time, it also saves money. How? Since the water is essentially protected in the reservoir, it won't dehydrate, while watering soil from the top is prone to evaporate faster. In addition, if you hire someone to tend your garden, you'll save staff time with the need for less frequent watering. Several styles of our self-watering window boxes are commonly used as commercial planters as well, such as the Urban Chic planters, which definitely saves companies time and money to keep plants healthy and thriving.