Self Watering Window Boxes

Self Watering Window Boxes

Maintaining window box planters has never been easier! The because self watering window boxes are easy to hang, incredibly beautiful, and act as a complete container irrigation system. Reduce the care needed to ensures that plants are not over-watered while simplifying the maintenance process. Water is released to the soil as the roots "crave it" and fertilizer is not washed out of the soil. Choose the perfect self watering window box for your garden.

Self watering window boxes are an upgrade from standard flower boxes as they are fitted with reservoirs spaced appropriately to handle the ongoing "thirst" of your plants root balls. Taken to the next level the self watering window box planter packages only needs to be filled every 2-3 weeks. This makes Hooks and Lattice self watering window boxes a perfect choice for businesses, restaurants, hotels, resorts and anyone with a window in a hard to reach location.

Turn any window box into a self-watering one by adding an irrigating reservoir!

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  1. Presidential Window Boxes - White
  2. Parada Window Boxes - White
    Parada Window Boxes - White

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  5. Provincial Vinyl Window Box -7 sizes
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  9. Parada Window Boxes - Black
    Parada Window Boxes - Black

    Starting at $119.99

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  12. Solera Self Watering Window Box Planters
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Explore some of our most popular styles and sizes in our video below!

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Improve the outside appearance of your home or business with one of our designs or custom-sizes. We're sure you'll find the perfect fit for your office, garden shed, balcony, deck, fence or space.

Need an inexpensive way to differentiate your home from other similar homes in the neighborhood? Window boxes allow you to set your home apart for a minimal investment. Need to sell a home with lackluster appeal? Shop one of our copper selections or chose a seasonal custom color.

If you want a box that is as popular for its good looks as its ease of planting and watering, be sure to check out our French style wrought iron window box and Lattice style wrought iron window box. Both these styles have become favorites among architects, custom homebuilders, restaurants and hotels. Add a few to your bare spaces and you'll quickly see why. Both of these designs can hold your choice of 8" flowerpots. By planting in individual pots you can easily swap plants in and out whenever you want without replanting in difficult to reach locations.

Do you love the look of wrought iron but worry about rust? Relax. Our iron units and accessories feature a powder coating in textured black which ensures the best possible protection against the elements.

Why deprive patios and decks of the beauty of fourishing greenery? Our products can be used on patios as flower boxes or with brackets on deck railings. If you'd prefer to plant directly into your planter just add a copper, plastic or coir liner.

Whether you want to spruce up your patio or your windows, we've got an option to fit your space. Our sizes range from 24" to 72" offering you choices to fit any window or bare space.

Customers with windows larger than 72" should inquire about custom sizes.

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