Solera Self Watering Window Box Planters

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Trim adds 1" to overall length and .5" to width
Hand made by our team of dedicated professionals, our Self Watering Solera Premier Direct Mount Window Boxes are made from maintenance free cellular PVC, which will never warp, rot or chip like a real wood window box. This style of window box is reminiscent of the "craftsman" era and is rich in details and trim. These Solera window boxes are an ideal alternative to wood, without looking shiny or plastic like, and come with water reservoirs to keep your plantings fresh and well watered. These handy reservoirs just drop in the box, and the soil is placed directly on top of the reservoirs. Using capillary action, the reservoir senses when the soil begins to dry out; and it creates a vacuum that then pulls the water up and out of reservoir, perfectly watering your plants as needed. This reservoir is nestled inside the Self Watering Solera Premier Direct Mount Window Box, and will never crack, warp, or twist due to exposure to water, snow, ice or frost. Also, you can plant directly into these Solera Window Boxes without a liner, as this thick PVC material can handle soil and water directly on its surface without any chance of deterioration. Make sure the fill tube is installed at the time of installation and that the tube extends past the soil line.

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Length 24"
Width 7.25"
Material Composite
Mounting Type Direct Mount
Color White
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