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100+ Styles of Window Planter Boxes for Sale Online!

Window boxes provide a creative, easy solution to improve your curb appeal. With Hooks and Lattice planters you can bring the front of your home to life. Add a floral arrangement to bring color and add distinctive appeal to any window! We offer modern ideas and decorating inspiration to help you transform any unattractive or boring surface. Adorn decks, fences, or bare walls with gorgeous flowers and plants or grow herbs and edibles.

You may recognize many of our designs from boutique hotels, motels and high-rise apartments across the United States and abroad. Hanging planters add instant beauty, and are a great way to grow a garden anywhere - even if you're limited on space!

Explore a wide range of sizes (up to 96" long!) in a variety of colors and materials or call us, toll-free, to buy custom window boxes that are built to fit your home like a glove. Not sure what size you need? Check out our Window Box Buying Guide or contact us directly.

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Explore some of our most popular styles and sizes in our video below!

Window Box Video

Window Box and Planters Materials Overview

Here at Hooks and Lattice we know every home and garden is unique. We provide plant containers in a range of material types, each with its own distinctive benefits and aesthetic appeal. Get old world, vintage styling with heavy duty aluminum and wrought iron window boxes, or opt for a more contemporary look with fiberglass, vinyl, or PVC. We also carry classic wood varieties which can be left unfinished or can be painted to match any color scheme. And nearly every one can be made self-watering by using our reservoir inserts.

Shop by style or material type to get the look and feel you want for your abode! Contact customer service to request custom quotes or for additional information.

Window Box Video

Planting a Window Box and How to Make Any Container Self-Watering

This video shows you how to make any garden container self-watering. A DIY self-watering planter makes growing successful window and patio gardens a cinch! Simply choose a reservoir insert that fits your planter, place it in the bottom, add soil and plants, then fill the reservoir with water using the included fill tube. The root systems of your plants will wick the water as needed, so there is no chance of over or under-watering. Sub-irrigation setups are perfect for people with busy schedules, beginning gardeners, or for people who travel often and do not want to hire a gardener. Shop self-watering reservoirs online or contact us for recommendations or custom irrigation requests.

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3 Benefits of Having Window Planters

  • Aesthetic Appeal - When you add hanging planters under your windows, on bare walls or fences, or along deck railings you are instantly adding depth and dimension, accenting the architectural styling and differentiating your home from similar homes in the neighborhood. The splash of color draws the eye, providing a beautiful focal point for passersby, including prospective home buyers. Check out our Copper Collection for our most fashion-forward styles.
  • Increase Home Value Fast - One of the quickest ways to boost value and sell your home faster is to add curb appeal. Curb appeal window boxes are our specialty. Here at Hooks and Lattice you'll find a vast collection of styles and price ranges suited to any home. Explore our Premier Composite designs for classic elegance at an affordable price.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Growing a container garden is green in so many ways. Window planters provide a snug home for native plants and flowers that attract bees, butterflies, and other helpful backyard insects to your yard. A major win for the ecosystem! Starting an organic garden? Shop our Natural Wood styles for chemical-free gardening bliss.

Finding the Best Size & Style

Finding the right size planter for your window - large or small - is easy as 1-2-3 using our handy Window Box Buying Guide. Grab your measuring tape and let's get started! With 100+ window box designs, it's safe to say that Hooks and Lattice has the largest selection of window boxes on the planet. With a style and size for every home style, we're confident you will find the perfect window box to add beauty to your home. Not sure where to start? Our San Diego-based customer service staff is here to answer any questions you may have: 1-800-896-0978

Old World & Southern Charm

Old World Rod Iron Styles

Wrought iron and aluminum are timeless. And unlike most metals, ours feature modern-day protective powder coat finishes that prevent rusting and extend the life of the boxes. Top designs include:

Trendsetting & Contemporary

Old World Rod Iron Styles

For sleek styling, look to fiberglass. This lightweight yet durable material can be made into smooth panels or formed into gnarled, realistic-looking wood grain! Top designs include:

What to Plant in Window Flower Boxes:

  • Coleus - While they tolerate indirect sunlight, these low-maintenance bedding plants have gorgeous variegated foliage in nearly every color on the spectrum.
  • Sweet Potato Vine - This sun-loving trailing vine is a great spiller and can be found in fun varieties of bright greens to deep purples.
  • Herbs - Grow your own herb garden right outside your kitchen window! Be sure to check with your local garden center for companion planting tips before planting.
  • Pansies - This colorful garden flower is easy to care for and small enough to grow in nearly any flower box.
  • Miniature Roses - Another sun worshipper, a mini rose bush might just be the cutest thing we've seen grace a window garden. They don't require much to care for, and can be found in hues like red, white, pink, yellow, and even striped and multi-colored varieties.

These are just a few ideas for what you can grow in your window garden. Read and subscribe to Our Blog for great planting recommendations and curb appeal ideas. You can also find past articles and expert recommendations for determining the best window box plants for your yard.

Personalize Online or Request Custom Planter Sizes

Whether you're dressing up a home you wish to sell, are one of the many custom homebuilders who orders from us, or are a designer for hospitality sector (amusement parks, restaurants, hotels, etc.) we have a solution for your application. You'll quickly see how easy it is to personalize our standard products, and nearly all can be further customized to exactly the length and color you desire.
For custom planter pricing and availability please call us toll-free: 1-800-896-0978

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