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30" Outdoor Artificial Impatiens Vine

Lively and green fake flower vines that erupt into colorful artificial impatiens blossoming at each tip make a lovely addition to hanging pots and window boxes outside. At Artificial Plants Unlimited, our collection of exterior silk impatiens in hanging vine form is meant to look authentic, require virtually no maintenance, and have everyone guessing at your secret.

Even more than the best silk impatiens found at home goods stores or factory outlets, each 30" Artificial Impatiens Vine is constructed with materials that give the plant realistic color, texture and shape, and also resist fading in the sun or damage from moisture. Fake flower vines from this collection can be found gracing commercial and residential properties in a range of applications. Cascading over the edges of a window box, draped over the sides of a large concrete planter, or delicately dangling down from a hanging pot - silk impatiens bring life and color to any exterior.

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30in. Outdoor Artificial Impatiens Vine - Dark Lavender
30in. Outdoor Artificial Impatiens Vine - Coral
30in. Outdoor Artificial Impatiens Vine - Pink
30in. Outdoor Artificial Impatiens Vine - Cream
Artificial impatiens draw on the familiar beauty of this beloved annual and transform it into an elegant faux alternative. In terms of ease, fake flower vines that brim with the colorful grace of silk impatiens could not be more effortless in their beauty - and we mean literally, effortless. No watering, no trimming and you can kiss re-potting and fertilizing goodbye. Just lovely and vibrant outdoor impatiens vines to enjoy any time of year.

Each 30" Artificial Impatiens Vine is rated for outdoor use in any climate. Construction of silk impatiens and fake flower vines is out of quality-grade materials that resist fading in the sun and damage from moisture. Whatever you would expect live plants to handle outside, these faux impatiens can weather it all and more: Tough temperatures, early frosts, periods of drought, drenching rains, and even insects. In all facets of outdoor life, artificial impatiens on vines come ready for season after season of lively display.

Fake flower vines are a favorite of residential and commercial customers alike. Impatiens always top the list for gardeners who love blooming annuals, as they have an easy appeal that works well with a range of other plants and flowers. This charm is captured accurately in artificial impatiens that bloom with a delicate shape and soft, yet vibrant, coloration. This design strives to stay true to the natural plant in terms of shape, texture and pigment.

Silk impatiens in this 30" artificial vine configuration make a wonderful solution for upper level planters that are hard to reach for watering or maintenance. Second and even third-story window boxes on a hotel can benefit aesthetically from the dramatic drape of fake flower vines, while also keeping in mind a practical business sense. With no maintenance required for artificial impatiens, our clients find the investment is more straightforward in terms of what you get for your money.

In addition to our 30" Artificial Impatiens Vine, Artificial Plants Unlimited also offers a range of other green and flowering vines in faux outdoor styles. Our team of knowledgeable representatives can also offer assistance for projects requiring custom arrangements, including commercial planters or residential pots to accompany.