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Bougainvillea vines thrive in spring and summer, but can be fussy, needing at least five hours of full sun, constant soil moisture and well-measured frequent fertilization. However, the lovely leaves and flowers on bougainvillea vines draw and delight every eye and are now available in arresting artificial Bougainvillea vines. Many customers use outdoor artificial vines when Bougainvillea vines are out of season, but year-round use is popular, too. You may especially like them with our artificial azalea and gardenia selections.

Our 36-inch artificial Bougainvillea vines have many uses beyond planters, though bougainvillea vines cascading from a window box or hanging planter are a favorite. Our indoor and outdoor artificial vines can be artfully and easily twined up arches or trellises for weddings. Use artificial bougainvillea vines to create lovely table runners, too. Outdoor artificial vines are always fabulous for planters that are hard to reach. Our "hard-to-tell they're artificial" Bougainvillea vines come in rich fuchsia or red, delicate cream or deftly interwoven combinations, and are made from a polythene blend that will last many years, even in direct sun. They work indoors or out, and are often seen in commercial as well as home plantings. Please call for more information.

3' Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea-Red
3' Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea-Fuschia
3' Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea-Lavender/Fuschia
3' Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea- Cream
3' Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea- Peach/Pink/Cream
3' Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea- Green Only
3' Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea - Purple
Bougainvillea, originally a South American tropical, is a great favorite in warm-season climates. But it fades if temperatures fall below 50 and needs five or more hours a day in direct sun to flower well. Keeping it permanently moist and fertilizing frequently are other downsides.

However, the beauty of Bougainvillea vines, especially in bloom, is stunning. Our customers have long requested artificial Bougainvillea vines, and we have finally found one that meets our standards, crafted from a high quality industrial grade polyethylene blend material with added ingredients to prevent U.V. degradation; it retains natural color for years, even as an artificial outdoor vine. Our indoor and outdoor artificial vines have a Class A Fire Rating, and are often found in public places that demand top quality artificial vines with a long use life, including malls, hotels, casinos, water parks and other commercial centers.

Artificial Bougainvillea vines are equally stunning in home uses, including window boxes, wall boxes and hanging planters, which you also can find at windowbox.com. Many customers use our artificial bougainvillea vines, available in rich fuchsia or red, delicate cream or deftly interwoven combinations in baskets and planters during Bougainvillea's off season, usually fall and winter in all but the warmest climates, but artificial outdoor vines are increasingly used all year. They are the perfect solution for hard-to-reach spots. Our generous 9.5- foot artificial Bougainvillea vines complement a wide array of plants and colors. In a high hanging basket, such as a room with a cathedral ceiling, you'll love the full length. When you need a shorter vine, they can be cut to fit and create more individual vines, or you might prefer our 36-inch artificial bougainvillea vines.

Other favorite uses are twining up a trellis or fence to accent or cover a feature, and for no-worry arches and trellises at weddings or other events.