Pair of White Brackets for Cottage Weave Deck Rail Box

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Extremely important but so often forgotten in the decorating commotion, window box brackets are the backbone to your deck, balcony, or garden design project. These humble hardware staples hide discreetly away, allowing your carefully cultivated blooms and foliage to shine in their handsome planters. Don't be left out in the cold when it comes time to hang those window boxes; purchase a pair of railing planter brackets now. In fact, it's best to order two or more sets, because you never know when the decorating urge with hit you.

  • Suitable for mounting on round and angled railings with a circumferences up to 15"
  • Soft textile straps prevent scratching of railings
  • Can carry up to 55 lbs
  • Suitable for mounting on walls

Made to coordinate with our cottage weave deck rail planter box, this pair of brackets is the perfect way to subtly display your elegant flower boxes. White in color, they go best with white planters, though they are so inconspicuous that you won't even notice then with other planters. They are ideal for white deck railings, walls, and fences. And if your exterior décor is white, they are a tasteful extra touch to keep things consistent. These brackets blend so seamlessly with your white railings and planters it will look as if they are all one gorgeous piece of decorative art.

Aside from being attractive in their subtlety and extremely durable, these white railing planter brackets are also a breeze to install. No screws or nails leaving lasting damage in your railings, fences, or walls. No scrapes or indentations left behind. No tools necessary. Feel free to rearrange your planter boxes as often as you please without leaving a mark. Simply loop the soft textile straps over the railing and adjust the presser foot to the appropriate position. These brackets are made to fit on any shape of railing- flat, angled, or round- up to 15" in diameter.
Each set of brackets can hold up to 55 pounds of flourishing flower box beauty.

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Width 7"
Material Vinyl
Type Railing Brackets, Wall Brackets
Color White
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