Hydrangea Wreath

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Don't Settle for Fake Blooms
Dozens upon dozens of delicate lacy petals give this festive hydrangea floral wreath the ultimate in authentic natural splendor. For those tasteful decorators who will settle for nothing but the best, this wreath isn't just an artful imitation of flora made from silk or plastic. Instead, it's created exclusively from 100% real preserved hydrangea flowers. One of our most eye-catching dried wreaths, the skillful floral artistry shines through with each carefully preserved bloom. This lets you add an instant burst of soft crimson color to doors and walls any time of the year.

Organically Grown, Expertly Crafted
A well-loved summertime bush, the hydrangea plant brings to mind images of warm sunshine, cool drinks, and lazy days with its lush waxy foliage and clusters of multi-petaled colorful flowers. These fluffy, cotton candy-like flower clusters are a favorite for floral displays, wedding bouquets, and- of course!- wreaths because of their natural fullness and delicate hues. Like all of our dried wreaths, the hydrangea wreath is handmade in Oregon using organically grown plants. Flowers are left on the plants to dry naturally and picked at just the right time for the optimum color and quality. The petals are then preserved completely before they are expertly arranged on the wreath base.

A Wreath for All Seasons
Showcasing shades of red with an almost pastel vintage appeal, this dried hydrangea floral wreath is a natural fit for any season. Because of its warm red color this wreath fits in to your seasonal décor for any number of holiday celebrations. The heart-shaped crimson petals are perfect to be displayed in February for romantic Valentine's Day décor. All fall this wreath makes a fitting door or window display, too, reminiscent of the changing colors of autumn leaves. And at Christmas time the hydrangea wreath can be paired with pine and holly for a traditional red and green decorative scheme. Choose "with wreath hanger" at checkout for instant display upon delivery.

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Diameter 18"
Type Wreath
Shape Round
Color Red
Material Hydrangeas
Style Floral
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