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Artificial Hanging Flowers & Artificial Vines - Outdoor

Our hanging plants, particularly outdoor rated artificial Azalea's, Bougainvillea's, Ivy Vines and Sprengerii - are made of a high quality industrial grade polyethylene blend material with added ingredients to prevent U.V. degradation. This is a perfect solution for window boxes and planters that are hard to water or for homes and businesses looking to maintain that colorful look well into fall and winter. While all polyester blend products are subject to some color degradation due to UV light, our products have UV protection impregnated into the resins prior to the injection molding process. The result are hanging flowers and fake vines with color-fastness that outlasts products treated with spray on chemicals.

In fact, these are the exact same flowers and vines found in many Malls, Hotels, Casinos, Water Parks, Commercial centers and Amusement Parks throughout the U.S. today.
Outdoor Artificial Flowers are shipped un-potted as a loose vine

For consultation on outdoor artificial vines,
please contact Artificial Plants Unlimited directly at
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Outdoor Artificial Morning Glory Vines
34" Outdoor Artificial Azalea Vines
Geranium Hanging Vines, Outdoor Rated
30" Outdoor Artificial Impatiens Vine
Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea Vines
Artificial Bougainvillea Vines for Outdoor Use
Outdoor Artificial Ivy & Other Hanging Vines

Nothing brightens a home or office as much as hanging flowers. Artificial Plants Unlimited makes it look easy with our artificial outdoor rated hanging flowers. These hanging flowers are actual reproductions and were fabricated using the highest quality commercial grade polyethylene blend material, and are UV protected. Our fake vines come in a variety of specimens with blooms of every color, and look quite beautiful when cascading down the side of a window box, planter, or basket. Easy to care for, our hanging flowers never need to be watered, trimmed, or weeded. Hanging flowers can be re-arranged, and then rearranged again, making the perfect floral presentation time and time again. Bring these hanging flowers indoors and make an arrangement, and then back outside and replanted, this couldn't be done with real hanging flowers! Perfect for hard to reach window boxes, planters, or baskets, these faux vines and flowers will stay aliveŁ in full shade, partial sun, or full sun! During the non-growing season, artificial plants are a great way to add some much needed color in the autumn and winter months, and will be the envy of your neighbors and friends. Come rain, snow, or sunshine, our faux vines and flowers will look great for many seasons to come. These commercial grade hanging flowers are seen in hotels, malls, shopping centers, casinos, and amusement parks across the country.