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Artificial Azalea Vines & Bushes for Window Boxes

Forget the usual silk flowers. Our collection of polyblend Artificial Azalea Vines and Bushes are outdoor-rated with UV protection, making them superior artificial plants for outside use in hanging baskets, window boxes and planters of all kinds. Artificial Azalea Vines and Bushes for window boxes that are fabricated out of polyblend materials are more resilient and colorfast, particularly in exterior applications.

Hooks & Lattice has taken the guesswork out of ordering artificial plants for window boxes with our suggested arrangements. This makes it easy to buy the right number of faux flowers.

Artificial plants are ideal for outside spots that are hard to reach or tricky for maintaining live growth, like second floor window boxes. Plus, each of these outdoor-rated bushes for window boxes feature UV protected flowers and greenery that hold their color and structure well, even in tough climates. Mount into planting containers using plaster of Paris, floral foam, or gravel.

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24" Window Box Recipe for Azaleas
30" Window Box Recipe for Azaleas
36" Window Box Recipe for Azaleas
42" Window Box Recipe for Azaleas
48" Window Box Recipe for Azaleas
54" Window Box Recipe for Azaleas
60" Window Box Recipe for Azaleas
72" Window Box Recipe for Azaleas
Artificial azalea plants made from polyblend material are lifelike, durable artificial plants for outside applications. Each of the Artificial Azalea Vines pictured in the category above make brilliant bushes for window boxes, particularly those mounted in hard to reach spots. Additionally, UV protected polyblend plants and flowers- such as those found here - resist color fading for a continually brilliant addition to landscapes.

Artificial plants for outside arrangements can be difficult to find, in that many silk flowers found online lack the resilience and colorfastness to last in exterior applications. With artificial azalea in polyblend though, you're buying a special kind of malleable plastic material. In fact, large antennas are often camouflaged as trees using polyblend to blend them with the natural environment - a testament to how at home this material is outdoors.

Artificial Azalea Vines and Bushes for window boxes are engineered in polyblend in order to withstand year round weather conditions. Whether planning to line a window box with hanging azalea vines, display geraniums in handmade pottery, or place bougainvillea in a hanging basket, the Hooks & Lattice collection of UV protected polyblend plants will endure for multiple seasons. Silk flowers typically hold their color for 3-6 months if left outside, whereas polyblend artificial azalea will last for several seasons because of their ability to ward off sun damage through UV protection.

At Hooks and Lattice, we offer several arrangements or ""recipes"" of flowering vines and bushes to use in our standard lengths of window boxes. These artificial plants for outside, UV protected flower arrangements are designed to appear authentic while fully utilizing the space in each window box. Artificial Azalea Vines are made from malleable material that makes their branches and hanging foliage simple to manipulate for an ideal fit to specific arrangements. Zip tie the stems together, use plaster of Paris, gravel, floral foam or even soil to keep the floral recipes mounted inside a window box or other planting container in the desired position.

Artificial plants for outside use can be ordered online in various styles. Questions or custom ordering questions can be directed to one of our knowledgeable representatives toll free at 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).